PBIS Tiered Fidelity Inventory (TFI)

The purpose of the PBIS Tiered Fidelity Inventory (TFI) is to provide a valid, reliable, and efficient measure of the extent to which school personnel are applying the core features of school-wide positive behavioral interventions and supports (PBIS). The TFI is intended to guide both initial implementation and sustained use of PBIS. 

The TFI is intended to be completed by members of a school's Tier 1, Tier 2, and/or Tier 3 team(s), with the active presence and guidance of an external PBIS coach (such as a District or Regional Coach).

School teams are encouraged to self-assess PBIS implementation when they initially launch implementation of PBIS, and then every third or fourth meeting until they reach at least 70% fidelity across three consecutive administrations. Once fidelity on a tier is met, the team may choose to shift to annual TFI assessment.

Schools new to PBIS may start by using only the Tier 1 section of the TFI, and as they improve their implementation of Tier 1, they may add assessment of Tier 2 and/or Tier 3 features. 

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TFI 3.0 Validation Study Information

The Center on PBIS is looking for implementation partners who want to enhance their implementation while supporting validation of this new tool. Learn more at https://nepbis.org/tfi-3-0-validation-study/. 


Coach Incentive - We are currently in the final phase of the validation process to ensure that the new TFI is the most effective way to support school-wide implementation and we need your help!

We are recruiting schools (across all implementation levels) to help with this validation by:

You can help by asking schools you work with to complete the study activities.

As a thank you for your support, you can earn:

PLUS…the 10 coaches who support the most schools before June 30, 2024, will be awarded an additional $500 gift card and be listed as contributing members of the team in study related publications.

Coaches who have completed TFI 3.0 validation study activities with a school anytime during the 23-24 school year are eligible to apply. Visit the TFI 3.0 Study Page for details and to get started!

After your schools have submitted their data, submit your name and the names of your schools to Midwest PBIS by clicking on the button below.

Due Date is June 30, 2024

TFI 2.1

The TFI is available at www.pbisassessment.org in your school's account, and there is no cost to use the TFI or its online scoring and reporting features. There is also a pdf version available at Center on PBIS for use while preparing your item responses. 

Virtual/Remote Resources

CLICK HERE to watch a short video from the MWPBIS Team about End of Year Fidelity & Action Planning during distance learning. 

CLICK HERE to watch a short video from the MWPBIS Team about End of Year Fidelity & Action Planning during distance learning. 

Help with Accessing the TFI

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