Functional Behavior Assessment - Behavior Intervention Plan (FBA-BIP)

Training sessions will focus specifically on the process and tools needed to assist coaches, facilitators and problem-solving teams in planning, implementing, and evaluating FBA-BIP to support students with challenging behavior.

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Who Should Participate: 

This session is designed for specific personnel identified to facilitate the FBA-BIP development process, coaches, and problem-solving teams:

Participants can expect to leave being able to:

All participants will register for the entire series of training, followed by a technical assistance webinar. The webinars are specifically focused on building skills of coaches and facilitators to be able to write technically sound FBA-BIPs.   

FBA-BIP Virtual Training Materials

Day 1:

- Systems to Support FBA-BIP

- Competing Behavior Pathway

Day 2:

- Function of Behavior

 - Selecting Desired and Replacement Behaviors

 - Tools to complete FBA

 - Developing a Continuum of Function Based Thinking


Day 3:

- Developing a Behavior Intervention Plan


Day 4:

- Individual Student Evaluation Plan

 - Monitoring System Data

FBA-BIP In-Person Training Materials

Day 1:

Day 2:




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