Collaborate with adults to create a safe, equitable, consistent, and positive learning environment for all youth

All youth achieve social-emotional-behavioral and academic success



In 2014, the Midwest PBIS Network organized as a team of national experts to continue the work of the former Illinois PBIS Network (2002-2014). The team is currently housed at West 40 Intermediate Service Center #2 in Illinois, and provides regional and local technical assistance resources throughout Illinois, builds the capacity of licensed educators and practitioners, and facilitates applying research to practice through ongoing collaborative learning projects with partnership sites. (see Table 1).

Values history of the Midwest PBIS Network 

Public Service

We encourage the collaborative exchange and dissemination of ideas, resources, and tools.  We give away what works.

Our individual contributions are built on the work of others and are given back to the whole.


The “Positive” in the science of PBIS represents an ethical foundation of prioritizing the dignity of the child and family when identifying what works in learning environments.

Our TA meets and respects where educators are at in their professional learning journey.


We co-learn with sites and partners to improve future implementation efforts for all.

We put research into practice, and partner with implementers to inform future research.


Systems change work prioritizes actions that elevate disproportionately affected voices; honor individual, family, and community identities; and achieve more equitable learning environments through meaningful participation of each student, family, and educator. ​

Local  Capacity Building

We support lasting change by working on systems at the highest possible level (e.g. SEA, Region, LEA) to achieve fidelity and sustainable implementation.

Our best work results in organizations who can do the work on their own.

Iumproved Outcomes

Improved outcomes experienced by youth, families, and educators are the ultimate reason for and test of our work.​


The Midwest PBIS Network also serves as a hub of the Center on PBIS, a national technical assistance partnership funded by the U.S. Department of Education to assist state education agencies (SEAs) in the implementation of Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports (PBIS). Over 25 years of empirical evidence demonstrates how the multi-tiered system of support (MTSS) framework of PBIS establishes the social, emotional, and behavioral supports needed to reduce ineffective discipline strategies while increasing academic achievement and attendance. MWPBIS serves four specific roles within the Center: 1) coordinate the Center’s Technical Assistance with seven SEAs, 2) collaborate on Center workgroups to develop model demonstrations and disseminate center products, 3) facilitate internal evaluation activities of the Center, 4) host the National PBIS Leadership Forum. 

The Center's model of capacity building emphasizes a cascade of implementation (figure 1) to assist state departments of education in the installation, fidelity, outcomes, and sustainability of Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports (PBIS) and integrated social-emotional-behavioral initiatives (SEB learning). We encourage you to access the local technical assistance from your state and region

The Midwest PBIS Network supports state level teams, who in turn support their regions and districts, who in turn support their schools

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