Systems & Organization

for Staff Self-Care

Systems & Organization for Staff Self-Care

Education is a helping profession and many have heard the terms compassion fatigue, vicarious trauma, and burnout often associated with helping professions. The new buzz is also around practicing self-care, but with little support to help individuals practice self-care and most of all ensure our school cultures value self-care. The PBIS framework provides schools the framework to install and sustain a culture that promotes staff wellness. This session will provide individuals the opportunity to reflect on their own stress and build a self-care plan while providing teams an opportunity to plan for installing systems, practices, and data to support staff wellness.

Who Should Participate

Tier 1 Teams including the administrator, building coach, and team members

Participants Will Be Able To

Recognize signs of their own stress • Identify self-care strategies that effectively reduce stress for them • Develop a plan for practicing self-care daily • Assemble an action plan for installing data, systems, and practices to support a culture of self-care for their district and/or building.

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