TIPS Meeting Process

This webinar will explore the TIPS (Team Initiated Problem Solving) Model. This model was developed to help your PBIS teams become more effective and efficient in your meeting processes and utilizing data for decision making. We will explore in detail Meeting Foundations, the TIPS Meeting Minute Form, Roles and Responsibilities, Critical Features, and the TIPS Fidelity of Implementation Checklist.

For "Exploring the PBIS Framework: TIPS Foundations & Data-based Decision-Making" CLICK HERE.

Who Should Participate

Anyone who is a member of their SW-PBIS Team including coach and admin


· Explore the TIPS Model and Foundation Elements

· Utilize the TIPS (Team Initiated Problem Solving) Meeting Minute Form to assist with development of action plans

· Explore Meeting Minute template

· Understand the various Roles and their respective Responsibilities on your PBIS team

· Explore the TIPS Fidelity of Implementation Checklist

· View a team meeting video depicting this process

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