Role of Clinicians

Role of Clinician

During this session, participants will learn how to describe the changing role of clinicians within a multi-tiered system of support for social-emotional-behavioral health and wellness. This includes understanding how a clinician fits within the system and why it is important to consider changing how clinicians spend their time. Social workers, psychologists, counselors and other similar professionals can learn how to become a social-emotional leader within their school district; as well as support the capacity of all staff to become more confident and competent to address the needs of all students within the school community.

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Who Should Participate

In addition to school social workers, school psychologists, and school counselors, this session is designed for community mental and behavioral health professionals who are providing school mental health services. These school employed and community employed clinicians need the support of leaders within their organizations in order to ensure sustainable systems change. Administrators and coaches are encouraged to attend this session.

Participants Can Expect To Leave Being Able To

  • Understand the need for a shift in roles and function for clinicians within a MTSS.

  • Describe the systems change features needed to increase the capacity for social-emotional-behavioral support within schools.

  • Identify the tools, resources, and examples available to support the necessary changes.



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