District Overview and Planning

Who Should Participate

  • Superintendent

  • School Board Members

  • Assistant Superintendent(s)

  • Director of Special Education

  • Principal(s)

  • Other District Personnel

  • PBIS District-based Coach/Coordinator

Participants can expect to explore:

  • How did we get here?

  • Why is the district Implementing PBIS?

  • What initial questions do you have?

  • What are the key concepts of PBIS?

  • What is the vision for the district?

  • Are we organized around data?

  • What training/support is planned for schools? Who should participate?

  • Begin Aligning Initiatives

  • Role of the District-based coach, coordinator, and leadership team

Sample District Training Plan for Tier I Installation

Districts often request a training outline for Tier 1 Installation. There is no one-plan-fits-all. All training and technical assistance plans should be based on a district needs assessment. Below are sample training plans, developed for a district with some current implementation in every school, but no training in the past 5 years, and inconsistent Tier 1 fidelity across all schools:

* Fidelity and Sustainability of PBIS are best achieved when schools are supported through a district-based approach. The "single school-based" plan shown here is only recommended when the school also functions as its own district.


District Leadership Planning PPT

  • Introductions

  • Overview

  • Teaming

  • Rethinking Discipline

  • Components of Tier 1

  • Vision

  • Data

  • Alignment

  • Planning for next steps

  • District-Coach role

Become a PBIS Assessment Coordinator

Check out Activities & Tools for application forms

Activities & Tools

Form/Application for PBIS Assessment Coordinator:

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