Frequently Asked Questions

If, after reviewing the Recognition timeline, criteria, these FAQs, and viewed the webinars, you still have unanswered questions, please email the Evaluation Team :

These FAQs are added to as questions are submitted to our team! We appreciate your feedback!

General Questions

Q: In what situation does my school need to “apply” for Recognition?

A: Recognition is not required. However, if you'd like to be Recognized, you will need to submit a recognition application and enter the school's TFI online at

Q: When does the online Recognition Application & our TFI need to be submitted?

A: May 7, 2021. All schools who have submitted a Recognition Application by May 7 will be entered into a raffle for a $20 Target gift card. 5 schools will be randomly picked! (Winners announced week of May 10, 2021).

Q: Is there an early bird incentive this year?

A: Yes. Submit your application by April 9, 2021, and your school will be entered into a raffle for a $20 Target gift card. 5 schools will be randomly picked! (Winners announced week of April 12, 2021). This doubles your chances at winning a gift card, because we include your school again in the May 7th raffle!

Q: Our school missed the due date for Recognition. Can we still apply?

A: Yes. As always, "late" Recognition Applications are accepted without penalty. We encourage you to apply online, even if it is past the published due dates. Applications received by May 7, 2021 will be reviewed by June 2021. Late submissions will be reviewed on a rolling basis throughout the summer months. All Recognized Schools will be sent congratulatory emails once their application is reviewed, and posted to the Recognized Schools list on our website.

Q: Where is the online Recognition Application?


Q: Can I begin an application, exit the application, and come back to it to complete it later on?

A: No. The application must be completed in one sitting. You cannot go back into your application later on.

Q: How many Coaches can I include on my school's online Recognition application?

A: You can enter up to 3 Coaches for a single school.

Q: How will I know that my school's application has been submitted successfully?

A: After you have completed the online application, you will see the following:

Then, check your email (including your junk/spam inbox). You should receive your submitted responses in an email from Google.

Q: When will Recognized Schools be posted to the Midwest PBIS Website?

A: By June 2021. Late applications will be posted once they are reviewed by MW PBIS Staff.

Q: Is there a required cover letter or other paperwork that needs to be completed?

A: No. The Recognition Process is intended to be as easy as possible, and focus school teams on the desired student outcomes. We hope the documents and data reported as part of the Recognition Application are a routine part of team action planning.

Q: Can early childhood centers, juvenile justice facilities or alternative settings apply/be considered for Recognition?

A: Yes

Recognition Badge Questions

Q: Is there a limit to the number of badges that we can apply for?

A: You are only limited by your evidence submitted.

Q: What if our school applies for a certain Badge, but we don't have evidence to upload/share. Will we be Recognized with that Badge?

A: No. The expectation is that if you apply for a Badge, you have evidence to share that supports the Badge.

Q: Is there a rubric for enough activity/evidence in each badge? Is there a resource to help determine appropriate evidence for each badge?

A: There is not a rubric. You can reference the Criteria table as your resources. Due to the varying context and situations this school year, our team decided we did not want to be too prescriptive on exact criteria or evidence to submit. We do plan to cross reference the TFI scores aligned with the badges applied as we review submitted evidence.

Q: Do we need to remove all student information from our evidence?

A: If we think your evidence is exemplary, we will reach out to you for permission to share the evidence. At that time, we would ask you to remove any identifying information. Otherwise, we are not sharing the evidence with anyone outside of the Midwest PBIS Network.

Q: If I am sharing a link to a document for evidence, what do I need to keep in mind?

A: Remember, any document you share with us should have a permission setting to "anyone with this link can view". If you have problems with this setting, please email Also please remember- sharing a link to a direct path on your local computer will not allow us to have access to your document! (eg: path looks like a URL, but will have C:\Users\jnorton\downloads - that is not a link but a path!)

Recognition Application Questions

PLEASE NOTE: If you have issues with your organization blocking the online Recognition Application (a Google Form), please email

Q: Can our Tier 1, Tier 2, and Tier 3 Coaches submit separate applications for Recognition Badges?

A: Yes! The Recognition application is set up for that possibility.

Q: Can one Coach submit one application for all Recognition Badges (Tier 1, Tier 2, & Tier 3) that our school is applying for?

A: Yes! The Recognition application is also set up for that possibility.

Q: If submitting agendas for a badge- does one example agenda suffice? Or should we combine all agendas into 1 doc?

A: You can submit a hyperdoc.

Q: Do we need to submit all meeting agenda/notes (for the school year) as evidence or can we submit a sampling of our meeting agenda/notes?

A: You can submit a sampling.

Q: If we create one google doc with all info linked for the badges, do you want a separate doc for each badge or can we upload the same one multiple times?

A: We prefer you upload a separate doc for each badge. Please do not upload the same exact doc over and over again for each Badge.

Q: How much is 16 MB? (the maximum file size for one Badge's evidence)

A: It will depend on what is included in the file. If there are a lot of high quality images, it could be a very small amount of pages, but a very large file. If it is 20 pages of only text, that may be a very small file size. Here is a reference:

Q: Should we strike out personal identifiers (Names, Student IDs, etc) on any evidence we upload/share?

A: It is up to you. It is safe with us! If we are interested in using any of your evidence, we will reach out to you for permission. At that point, we can discuss removing any personal information.

Tiered Fidelity Inventory Questions

Please read through this resource from PBIS Apps about conducting the TFI virtually with your team!

Q: Do we need fidelity at Tiers on the TFI?

A: No. Fidelity at Tiers are not required for Recognition Badges this year.

Q: How do we access the TFI online?

A: The TFI is available at no cost on PBIS Assessments . Login to with your user name and password, and click on PBISAssessments. Look under "Open Survey Windows" for the "School-wide PBIS Tiered Fidelity Inventory 2.10". View this video for assistance.

§ Select “Forgot my Password” option to reset your password if you do not remember it.

§ If you need a PBIS Assessments account or need your TFI survey opened, and do not have a local PBIS Assessments Coordinator, email with your First & Last Name, email address, school name & district name/number.

Q: Can we submit our paper copy of the TFI or Recognition documents to the Midwest PBIS office? Can the Midwest team enter it online for us?

A: No. All responses to the TFI, and the Recognition Application, must be entered online in each system by a representative from that school/district by the due date.

Q: Do I need to print a Report of my TFI scores and send them into the Midwest PBIS Office in order to be Recognized?

A: No. Please do not send us any documents via email unless we request it.

Q: Do we need to complete each tier of the TFI that we wish to earn badges for?

A: Yes.

PBIS Assessments Questions

Q: Does my school still need to submit our BoQ, SAS, and/or TIC report scores for Recognition? Aren’t they required for Recognition?

A: No.

· School teams are encouraged to take the assessments that they have historically taken and used for action planning-- BoQ, SAS, and/or TIC (or any other assessment through PBIS Apps). These results are not “required” for MW PBIS Recognition.

· If your school did complete any of these assessments, they can use those assessments as documentation for items within the TFI.