Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Q: What states can apply for Recognition with Midwest PBIS Network?

A: Illinois

Q: In what situation does my school need to “apply” for Recognition?

A: Recognition is not required. However, if you'd like to be Recognized for your PBIS implementation efforts, you will need to submit a recognition application online and enter the school's TFI online in PBIS Assessment.

Q: When does the online Recognition Application & our TFI need to be submitted?

A: April 28, 2023

Q: Our school missed the due date for Recognition. Can we still apply?

A: Yes. As always, "late" Recognition Applications are accepted without penalty. We encourage you to apply online, even if it is past the published due dates. Late submissions will be reviewed on a rolling basis throughout the summer months. All Recognized Schools will be sent congratulatory emails acknowledging their PBIS implementation efforts, and posted to the Recognized Schools list on our website.

Q: Where is the online Recognition Application?

A: The 2022-23 application will be available by Feb 1, 2023.

Q: Can I begin an application, exit the application, and come back to it to complete it later on?

A: No. The application must be completed in one sitting. You cannot go back into your application later on. We estimate it will take 4 minutes to complete.

Q: How many Coaches can I include on my school's online Recognition application?

A: You can enter up to 3 Coaches on the application: 1 District Coach, 3 School Coaches.

Q: When will Recognized Schools be posted to the Midwest PBIS Website?

A: By the end of May 2023. Late applications will be posted on a rolling basis over the summer months.

Q: Is there a required cover letter or other paperwork that needs to be completed?

A: No. The Recognition Process is intended to be as easy as possible, and focus school teams on the desired student outcomes. We hope the documents and data reported as part of the Recognition Application are a routine part of team action planning.

Q: Can early childhood centers, juvenile justice facilities or alternative settings apply/be considered for Recognition?

A: Yes

Q: How will I know that my school's application has been submitted successfully?

A: After you have completed the online application, you will see a message stating "You have successfully submitted your school's application".

Tiered Fidelity Inventory (TFI) Questions

Please read through this resource from PBIS Apps about conducting the TFI virtually with your team!

Q: Do we need fidelity at Tiers on the TFI?

A: No. Fidelity at Tiers are not required for Recognition this year.

Q: How do we access the TFI online?

A: The TFI is available at no cost on PBIS Assessments.

  • Login to with your user name and password, and click on PBISAssessments.

  • Look under "Open Survey Windows" for the "School-wide PBIS Tiered Fidelity Inventory 2.10".

  • Select “Forgot my Password” option to reset your password if you do not remember it.

  • If you need a PBIS Assessments account or need your TFI survey opened, and do not have a local PBIS Assessments Coordinator, email with your First & Last Name, email address, school name & district name/number.

Q: Can we submit our paper copy of the TFI to the Midwest PBIS team? Can the Midwest team enter it online for us?

A: No. All responses to the TFI, and the Recognition Application, must be entered online in each system by a representative from that school/district by the due date.

Q: Do I need to print a Report of my TFI scores and send them into the Midwest PBIS Office in order to be Recognized?

A: No. Please do not send us any documents via email unless we request it.

PBIS Assessments Questions

Q: Does my school need to submit additional assessment scores for Recognition?

A: No.

  • School teams are encouraged to take the assessments that they have historically taken and used for action planning (assessments through PBIS Apps). These results are not “required” for MW PBIS Recognition.

  • If your school did complete any of these assessments, they can use those assessments as documentation for items within the TFI.

If, after reviewing the Recognition information, you still have unanswered questions, please email the Evaluation Team :

These FAQs are added to as questions are submitted to our team! We appreciate your feedback!

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