The training will begin with in-the-moment regulation activities an adult can use to stay calm when a student escalates as well as long term strategies an adult can use to help increase the odds of staying calm when a student escalates. Additionally, we will explore the phases of escalation and how any adult can learn to intervene to de-escalate a student. This training is based off the research and work of Geoff Colvin and Terry Scott who wrote the book Managing the Cycle of Acting-Out Behavior in the Classroom, Second Edition.

Who Should Participate

This training is for individual educators who want to learn strategies to stay calm when a student escalates and for anyone who wants to have strategies to de-escalate a student.


  • Identify two ways that using a PBIS framework supports de-escalation

  • Describe the regulation cycle

  • Describe function-based thinking

  • Identify two classroom practices necessary for successful de-escalation

  • Know the phases of de-escalation

  • Describe one youth behavior in each phase of the de-escalation cycle

  • Identify adult routines necessary for crisis teaching

  • Know systems that support de-escalation phases

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