FY20 Recognized Schools

Recognized for PBIS implementation in 2019-20!

Congratulations to over 680 Illinois schools

To our PBIS Partners and Collaborators,

The Midwest PBIS Network is pleased to announce that over 680 Illinois schools are Recognized for their PBIS implementation during the 2019-20 school year. Schools were recognized at four levels, based on their implementation and outcome data. In order to acknowledge those working hard in districts and buildings, figuring out how to educate youth, making sure they are safe and fed, and making sure families and educators are supported during this Pandemic, Midwest PBIS Network is maintaining Recognition levels from 2018-19 without schools submitting new applications. This time of crisis has made it abundantly clear that people who work in schools are the center of our communities. The effort and dedication to implementing PBIS and improving the related student outcomes are greatly appreciated by our Midwest PBIS Team.

In order to acknowledge their efforts, all schools that implemented PBIS in Illinois at the Bronze, Silver, Gold, or Platinum Levels are featured on our website, and each school will receive a congratulatory email. The complete list of Recognized Schools can be found below, as well as electronic images of the decals for download.

Congratulations to all of these Recognized Schools for your outstanding efforts implementing PBIS. The dedication of everyone involved is to be commended. We encourage you to share this good news with your PBIS team, building staff, and students, as well as district leadership, families, and community partners.

We know these schools will continue their progress implementing PBIS at all three tiers while providing effective supports for all students to achieve social, emotional, behavioral, and academic success!

Recognized Schools List

1920 Recognized Schools

Recognition Decals

Platinum: PNG | PDF

Gold: PNG | PDF

Silver: PNG | PDF

Bronze: PNG | PDF

Schools can download one of the four electronic decal files for print or web use. Simply click the PNG or PDF for the Recognized Level, download will begin, and

save the PNG or PDF file to your local desktop.

Media Kit

We have created this downloadable media kit for you to use to share your achievement. Using these customizable documents makes it easy to reach out to colleagues, parents, neighbors, and your whole community. Click below to download this kit, and please remember to forward us any news stories where your school's Recognition is mentioned! We are happy to post this on our Facebook page, twitter, or Instagram to share the good news!

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