FY22 Recognized Schools

The Midwest PBIS Network is pleased to announce that over 390 Illinois schools are Recognized for their PBIS implementation during the 2021-22 school year. The effort and dedication to implementing PBIS and improving the related student outcomes are greatly appreciated by our Midwest PBIS Team. The Recognition process is incredibly important to our team, and holds a lot of weight in our work with reporting to the National Center on PBIS, and in designing our training and technical assistance. We know the past few years have been (and continue to be) a time of change for those of us in education, and we so appreciate your continued contributions to the field. For the 2021-22 school year Recognition criteria, we asked only that you take the TFI and complete a simple recognition application.

The complete list of Recognized Schools can be found below, along with the downloadable Recognition Decal.

Congratulations to all these Recognized Schools for your outstanding efforts implementing PBIS. The dedication of everyone involved is to be commended. We encourage you to share this good news with your PBIS team, building staff, and students, as well as district leadership, families, and community partners. Download the Media Kit below for support with spreading this good news! Please use the request form below if your school would like a personalized congratulatory letter on Midwest PBIS Network letterhead, sent via email.

We know these schools will continue their progress implementing PBIS while providing effective supports for all students to achieve social, emotional, behavioral, and academic success!

Recognized Schools List

Use the scroll bar to review the entire list! The list is alphabetical by District/LEA Name, then by School Name.

21-22 Recognized Schools

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