This training will provide an overview of the systems, data, and practices of the wraparound process as a Tier III/Tertiary Level Intervention. The primary focus will be on increasing implementers' knowledge and fluency with the wraparound process, including the development of individual teams and plans that are strength-based and tailored to the comprehensive need of each student/family. Emphasis will be given to the intensive, comprehensive wraparound process of supporting and planning for the "whole child" & "whole family."

Who Should Participate

Administrators, Tier III team members, and school/community-based personnel intending on becoming Wraparound facilitators

    • District/building based coaches specifically focused on supporting Tier III

    • Potential facilitators: counselors, social workers, school psychologists, behavior specialists, special education personnel, community partners

    • Team members: administrator, special education teacher, general education teacher, community partners, family representatives

Participants can expect to leave being able to:

  • Interpret data to determine which students are in need of Wraparound.

  • Develop and facilitate effective Wraparound Teams with individual students and their families through skill sets (i.e., hearing stories, strength assessment, identifying big needs, etc.).

  • Understand the steps for designing a wraparound action plan with student/family/teacher to address needs across home, school, and community following four (4) Phases of Wraparound.

  • Use strength-and needs-based data tools for decision-making and progress monitoring in all four Phases of Wraparound

  • Action Plan next steps around use of data, initiating Wraparound processes for 1-3 students, and educating staff on necessary data, systems, and practice components.

If you are interested in wraparound training please contact us at support@midwestpbis.org.

Training Materials & Activities


The Midwest PBIS trains wraparound in a nine-module format that occurs over the period of one school year. The modules are done month by month (not all nine modules in two days) and the modules include technical assistance time. Wraparound Training is for people who are going to join the training and then facilitate the wraparound process. If you have questions, please contact ami.flammini@midwestpbis.org.

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