Starting PBIS Tier 2

Starting PBIS at Tier 2

Step 1: Assess Current Status - Tiered Fidelity Inventory

Step 2: Tier 2 Readiness Training/Webinars

This training is designed for district/building level leadership including administrators, clinicians, tier 2 team members, teacher leaders that represent the district/building, etc. It is recommended that teams attend with administrators, as the focus of this training is on systems features of Tier 2 work and the barriers that get in the way of doing it successfully. Those with authority to make systems-based decisions need to be present.

Who Should Participate?

    • Administrators

    • District/Building-based Coaches

    • Tier 2 Systems Team Members

Participants can expect to leave being able to:

    • Explain the core features of Tier 2 supports

    • Start exploring data decision rules around which youth/families should receive Tier 2 supports

    • Provide low-level professional development to other leaders and staff regarding what it will take to be successful at Tier 2

    • Action plan around next steps for successful Tier 2 installation and implementation

Quick Overview of Tier II Readiness:

Schedule or Participate in a Tier 2 Building Readiness Training (2 hours)

Step 3: Tier 2 Readiness Checklist

Step 4: Participate in Team Training