SOC TA Network Webinars

The 2015 ISF Webinar Series sponsored by the SOC TA Network

Exploring the ISF for Integrating SOC & Education

Lucille Eber, Midwest PBIS Network, Susan Barrett, Sheppard Pratt Health Systems, & Kelly Perales, Community Care Behavioral Health

An introduction to the Interconnected System Framework (ISF) for efficiently integrating mental health/SOC in schools featuring lessons learned from Pennsylvania’s implementation experiences. (March 2015)

Installing ISF-Local Experiences Integrating SOC & Education

Susan Barrett, Sheppard Pratt Health Systems

A review of the core components of the ISF and experiences from SOC/Education efforts in New Hampshire including strategies for work force development, focus for ISF focused leadership teams, and ensuring use of data and evidence-based practices. (April 2015)

Installing ISF: The Role of School & Community-based Clinicians

Lucille Eber, Midwest PBIS Network; Susan Barrett, Mid-Atlantic PBIS Network; Mark Weist, University of South Carolina; Ali Hearn & Sheri Luecking, Midwest PBIS Network; Sharon Stephan & Nancy Lever, University of Maryland

An overview of the changing-role of clinicians within multi-tiered systems of behavioral health in schools. (June 2015)

Innovations with ISF: Integrating Restorative Practices in Schools

Jessica Swain Bradway, Midwest PBIS Network; Susan Barrett, Mid-Atlantic PBIS Network

An overview of integrating Restorative Practices into the SWPBIS frame, following the ISF model of expanded systems, data and practices. (August 2015)